Abertis - ABRA

Optiva Media have developed a great number of solutions based on the currently fastest growing standard HbbTV for Abertis using their ABRA system.

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The ABRA system is a hosting platform for Operators and Broadcasters willing to deploy OTT services without having to operate the platform.

Our solutions allow the Operators and Broadcasters to expand their services beyond plain channel broadcast, offering not only live channels, but also catch-up, VoD (purchases, extended EPG, trailers), second screen interaction application, usability improvement as well as boost content monetization by inserting advertisement or recommendations.

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Abert imag05   As the number of HbbTV devices grows, Optiva Media have also developed and have integrated these applications in a compatible way with smartTVs (Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Loewe, Philips, Sony...), STBs (Inverto, Engel) and second screen devices like iOS and Android.

With this set of applications inside the ABRA project Broadcasters can expand their content with a service portal including Catch-up and VoD services. They can let their users enjoy their contents any time with on-demand series, movies, sports and documentaries together with advanced EPG information.
Operators are also able to support the monetization of their contents including non-intrusive advertisements within the HbbTV services. Optiva Media has created a Video-Advertisement System Template integration (VAST) including SmartClip and SmartAd agency systems, allowing the customer to easily insert pre-, mid- and post-rolls, overlays and interactive ads in the HbbTV contents.

These applications also allow collecting useful user behavior information with our developed Event Tracking Features by using Google Analytics libraries. For audience measurement and advertisement.

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Included in this project, the Optiva Media’s Look&feel Manager web tool permits Abertis customers (broadcasters) to change quickly application’s features, including color, images, labels, positions and catalogues & assets management, templates creation and edition, parameters management, application look&feel backup, drag&drop features... everything with a simple and clear user interface.