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  We are a company that bases its success on the dedication and quality of our delivery, where our work is oriented to results, and based on objectives. And we know that our work team unity is fundamental to achieve these goals. That's why we are structured around a collaborative team work model, with a career plan for each of our employees, incorporating social benefits on a regular basis to improve their live quality at work.

Optiva staff is trained in the specific technology and business subjects of Digital TV and audiovisual media, and renews its knowledge inside the company, both through adhoc project specific training, or general technology and market courses.

Our team comprises telecommunications/electronic engineers, computing engineers, audiovisual technical staff, creative, and content and marketing specialists.

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We have a really competitive benefits and compensation package, and you get to share your time with other bright developers and designers whom you can learn from. All of our locations create state-of-the-art projects, and the atmosphere is incomparable.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us at hr@optivamedia.com.