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Xbox ONE Apps
The Challenge

Optiva Media was awarded with the development of the whole UI on the STB to support a HD TV service with Live channels with extended EPG, VoD (both SVoD and TVoD) and catch-up. Canal+ and Jazztel wanted a ground-breaking service based on a HD UI with an innovative user experience and smooth navigation, based on a simple and elegant design, also provided by Optiva Media.
  tv-front JB 2 V2
Jazzbox image05   The full list of functionalities can be found below:
   ·   Live TV Mosaic: A mosaic with all channels showing current program and progress bar, that allows user to navigate and access to the content. 
   ·   EPG, offering whole list of channels, with extended information of invidual events. 
   ·   VoD catalogue: A VoD catalogue ordered by categories, including a detailed window for each content. 
   ·   SVoD and TVoD. 
   ·   Catch-up. 
   ·   Search feature. 
   ·   Parental PIN. 
   ·   Multi-audio. 
   ·   Subtitles. 
   ·   Configuration tools: preferred language, auto-testing, personalization…
The Outcome

Using Javascript and SVG, and based in the designs and navigation defined by our User Experience experts, we proceed with the development of the whole application, including Live TV channels with their EPG, VoD, Search….The development was done using Medialive framework over Nagra Open TV 4 Middleware. All contents are served by HLS streaming, using Nagra PRM to encrypt/decrypt video signal. This product was launched in December 2011 and currently offers more than 2.000 VoD contents and 13 channels in HD quality.
   tv-front JB V2

Connected TV Awards winner under the “Outstanding Connected TV Service” category, 2012. 

Edonon - TV Everywhere
Technical description

Edonon is integrated with Nagra’s MediaLive application. Optiva Media was in charge of building the UI that best suited for each device. Optiva Media contribution goes much farther with the design and implementation of new relevant features that made the application much more attractive for consumers.

Our challenge is to create an innovative solution that brings content sharing an engaging, feature-rich user experience.

Edonon allows for the delivery of live and on-demand content, while supporting all business models including free, subscription and transactional. The application also provides the user.

The customer

Euskaltel is a Spanish cable operator. Euskaltel is the leading broadband operator in the Basque Country. The services Euskaltel offers are telephony, digital TV and internet access through ADSL broadband and cable. Record programs through its network-based personal video recorder.



Edonon covers the following features:

   ·   Linear TV.
   ·   On Demand content: subscription, transactional and free content.
   ·   Home screen.
   ·   EPG
   ·   Live TV zapper.
   ·   Catch up.
   ·   Start Over.
   ·   Time Shifting.
   ·   Bookmarking.
   ·   Multi language.
   ·   nPVR.

EKT imag01

EKT imag05   EKT imag04

  Info Page
EKT imag02   EKT imag06
TV Guide

   Live TV

Vodafone Box
StarHub Tv - Diamond

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