RACSA (Radiográfica Costarricense, S.A.) is a Costar Rica Telecommunications provider
Optiva Media developed User Interface for RACSA Over The Top project.

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This user interface provides access to events and info provided by NAGRA SDP by using Android Set Top Boxes. STB runs over Android jellybean and Nagra MediaPlayer as browser and PRM. UEX was developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Different Android devices where used in this project, it was tested on MyGica Dual Core enjoy TV BOX (Android 4.1 OS) and Rikomagic MK 802 IIIS (Android 4.1 OS).
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 · Using this application you will access to several functionalities ·
Live TV   Video on demand
Some live channels are available, to Vodafone subscriber. You can zapp between channels, access to extended event info, and Electronic Program Guide.   Using theses set top boxes you can access to video contents catalogue (movies, series,..), is provided by NAGRA SDP.
Approach   Challenges
Iterations and agile development approach. To Work side to side with Nagra (main contractor), to define, develop and test releases scope.   Management of changing scope during the development processes and using non maturity technologies.
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