Vodafone - Ono Back Office Tools

Optiva Media provides customized development for its clients, offering back-end solutions to cover different requirements needed by operators or content providers as: Video recording of live streaming & Digital Publicity Insertion

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Video recording of live streaming (Catch-It)    

This application enables the user to select a specific event to schedule the recording. By the time the event starts, the recording is automatically executed. With the event’s end, it automatically becomes available for the user to be downloaded through the application interface.

Catch-It is a web application implemented in Ruby on Rails and the PostgreSQL data base. In addition to the web application, Optiva Media has developed the recording process in C language. The recording process is scheduled through the application and stored in NAS.
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Catch-It offers the following features:
   ·   EPG load.
   ·   Channels management.
   ·   Favourite channel list.
   ·   Event Scheduler: by time or by event.
   ·   File download.

Digital Publicity Insertion (D.P.I Tool)    

The D.P.I Tool is a web application implemented in Angular, HTML5, CSS and the MySQL Database. It is executed through Nodejs and the Apache tomcat server.  

The D.P.I Tool offers the following features:
   ·   Manage available channels, advertisements, gaps and schedules.
   ·   Easy interface and browser containing a week schedule with spaces to program advertisement (gaps), full or empty.
   ·   Create, update or delete channels, advertisements, and gaps.
   ·   Import diary gap schedules (in XML format) provided by channels (Fox, Historia, etc.).

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   ·   Define and manage schedules (advertisements).
   ·   Automatic advertisement insertion based on the importance of each advertisement and defined when creating a new item.
   ·   Export schedules with events and advertisements in .sch format to be exported from central head end to regional ones.
   ·   Generate plain text files to be used as input of Billing and Traffic processes providing the details of broadcasted advertisements.