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Nov 11, 2022

Today, November 10, World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated for another year. This annual event, proclaimed by Unesco, began to be celebrated worldwide in 2002. Its purpose is to renew commitment, both nationally and internationally, to science for peace and development, and to emphasize the responsible use of science for the benefit of societies. It also aims to raise public awareness of the importance of science and to bridge the gap between science and society.

What does Optiva Media do for science, peace and development?

Scientific innovation involves the successful exploitation of new ideas to generate new techniques, products and processes, which, as result, leads to the creation of solutions to new economic, social and environmental challenges that apply to Europe as a whole.

Facing the challenges ahead concerning climate change and the well being of citizens, the European Green Deal stresses the importance of leveraging science and technology to promote more sustainable agriculture activities. In Optiva Media, we’re bringing IoT, Big Data, and AI together for the creation of precision agriculture tools.

Smart Agriculture at Optiva Media

Technology can help farmers increase the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of their activities by using data-driven, scientific approaches to their activity and decision-making processes:

  • IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and image-capturing devices can gather real-time data on the field and relay it to cloud platforms through hybrid WLAN/mobile communication networks.
  • Big Data technologies gather and process raw data in order to make it amenable to scientific research, end-user visualization and specialized systems for KPI detection, prediction and assistance to decision making.
  • AI can be used to train models capable of analyzing images and sensor data to assess activity KPIs related to farm health, growth, soil conditions, etc., and predict the evolution of those for determination of optimum times for farming activities (cropping, fertilizer usage, crop rotation).

In Optiva Media’s R&D department, we’re devising an integrated Smart Agriculture solution to help researchers and farmers advance on our shared goal towards a more sustainable future.

We know that scientific and technological advances generate benefits in improving quality of life and help solve problems in society. For this reason, Optiva Media works to find solutions and achieve a more sustainable, supportive and committed society. In addition, the development of telecommunications has had a positive impact on society that also helps us to achieve what we want to claim with the celebration of World Science Day for Peace and Development, with the improvement in communication and transmission of information and data over the Internet.


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