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Abr 21, 2022

Today is World Creativity and Innovation Day, which is celebrated every year on April 21. What is the main objective of this day? To reveal all the creative potential of people in the world, as it helps us to progress and improve in any social field. To commemorate the day, we want to publicize the innovations, proposals and projects that Optiva is working on.

Optiva has a Research and Innovation Department. In this department, research and investigation processes are carried out with the aim of developing technologies to obtain new products and improvements.

The technological revolution is sweeping the television industry with the adoption of Big Data and, the use of cloud infrastructures and the irruption of 5G and LiFi. This marks a moment of progress, development and innovation in society.

What are the mission of R&I?

  • Understand TV: create systems to automatically analyze TV content.
  • Explain TV: content discovery and categorization.
  • Change TV: use of emerging technologies.

What are the projects and proposals that will help us make progress?

Media LiFi

Next step to the LiFi Last Mile project, which demonstrated the viability of LiFi technology for high-quality video streaming in situations of mobility. The goal of this project is to evolve the existing prototype and to demonstrate its commercial viability.


It aims to promote a class of low-cost (organometallic halide perovskite) but high-quality materials that show great potential to dominate the OLAE market with the focus on flexible and lightweight electronic devices. Optiva is studying its benefits for content streaming using VLC and LiFi technologies.

Secure World

This project provides for data to be handled in conditions of security, trust and confidentiality. To achieve this, the project is based on process, technology and people. Meanwhile, a series of innovations such as the application of Blockchain technology and the use of unconventional algorithms and data encryption are carried out.

We contribute to the management of high-quality protection, identity management, parental control and content access rights, and data privacy.

Media Brain

The MediaSuite platform provides intelligent metadata analysis. It automates a TV operator’s tasks in scheduling, exploitation and intelligent content optimization. It will help content discovery based on semantic aspects and automatic or assisted content categorization.

Social TV

Different users located at a distance from each other will be able to meet virtually and watch the same program simultaneously as if they were together, including the possibility of social interaction by chat, voice… through their mobile devices.

TV Match

The project will develop AI-based algorithms and a central data processing architecture to automatically determine whether a new television metadata entry refers to the same content or whether an image matches another in a global image repository.

Third Stage

It is a platform to promote and disseminate European creative and cultural works in order to save, develop and promote European cultural and linguistic diversity and heritage. Optiva contributes with MediaSuite to foster the creation, access, distribution and promotion of content.

Submitted projects


Aims to create a European XR community of XR learning experiences (individual or social through the use of a metaverse). Targets creators and consumers with a management platform based on NFT (non fungible token). Available at an affordable price for players in education, industry or other domains.

We contribute by offering a series of shared virtual spaces, intended to become a learning metaverse, to interact with other users.

Ideas and collaborations


Is an automated cloud-based service for comprehensive analysis of audiovisual content to protect vulnerable audiences, such as children, from inappropriate content and commercial activities. With limits on advertising, prohibition/limitation of violence, etc.

Vodafone 5G Reality

A collaboration between Vodafone, Optiva Media and Virtual Voyagers for the expansion of immersive realities to the end consumer. Its objective is to bring us closer to the metaverse .


The goal is to improve medical care during emergency situations using AR glasses and 5G technology . Especially to help first responders.

Extended Surgery Room

Augmented reality (AR) devices allow physicians to incorporate data visualization into diagnostic and treatment procedures in real time. The main advantage is that the surgeon is not forced to look away from the surgical site.

Optiva contributed to the development of SmarTerp, which integrates machine assistance into the human interpretation workflow and offers an AI-driven remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) solution.

In the Demonstration of the application and viability of LiFi technology on public transportation.

And finally, in Arqueopterix, aimed at enhancing the user experience in interactive video applications, for online multiplayer games or for online video streaming.

Originating new ideas, solutions and improvements is important in any social environment. Therefore, Optiva wants to encourage the creation of ideas and new technological solutions that help us to differentiate ourselves in all our services.


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