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Jun 23, 2023

International Women in Engineering Day was created by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) in the United Kingdom (year 2014), to celebrate its 95th anniversary. WES is a professional academic society established in 1919 in the United Kingdom, after the end of the First World War. It was the first society to bring together women who performed engineering jobs to replace the men who took part in the war. 

Due to the boom that took the day of June 23, it received the sponsorship of UNESCO in 2016, annually honoring 50 women engineers around the world who have excelled in an outstanding way in their profession. Likewise, this day acquired an international character in 2017. 

Therefore, the aim is to raise international awareness of the importance of this profession, which is increasingly being practiced by women and that also constitutes a remarkable career opportunity for future generations. 

For this purpose, we were honored to have 3 brilliant female engineers from the Optiva Media team to answer some questions about their work experience and training related to the world of engineering. 

Luna Sampedro


Luna belongs to the Integration area within QAltiva. Back in 2019 she finished her studies in Sound and Image Engineering at the UPM and by chance she came across Optiva, where she started her scholarship and quickly found her place. She is characterized by being a restless person, and therefore has gone through numerous clients, training and projects, which, during these 5 years she believes have given her a fairly broad vision of the sector, going from the most on-site changing configurations and cables in a laboratory of Vodafone, to be able to make the extrapolation in the more cloud part of other customers.  

Claudia García


Claudia studied Telecommunications Engineering in Sound and Image in Cáceres. She started at Optiva Media as an intern in January 2020 learning as a QA in an app testing project for SmartTV of Vodafone Group. 

She is currently working for Mediaset in SmarTV and external devices testing services. She has been working on this project since it started 2 years ago and currently organizes and plans the team’s work. 

Besides this, she is responsible for the SmartTV Lab in Cáceres, taking care of the technical and organizational needs that this space requires. 

She has not been working in the world of technology for long, but she is trying to focus her career on the path of project management and team organization. Throughout her time at Optiva, she has learned many soft skills, handling stressful situations and solving problems with clients, which have given her the confidence to continue this constant growth in her career. 

Elena De la Rubia

Professional Services

Elena studied for a degree in Telecommunications Engineering specializing in sound and image. She has forged her professional career here at Optiva during the last 6 years starting with her QA internship, later she became QA lead, and now she is on her way to project manager.  

Technology does not stop advancing, it is a reality. During these years we have been seeing how things, which seemed quite distant, materialized, and are getting closer and closer as the metaverse, virtual reality, artificial intelligence… How content consumption has changed in society, the TV choosing when and where to watch the content offered by different providers and with different options…

We want to celebrate you!

At Optiva we are immensely proud of all our female engineers for their magnificent work and for being passionate about what they do. They bring us closer to equality in engineering every day. 


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