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Article, Our Commitments, Innovation and Talent Plus program


Sep 15, 2023

The Innovation and Talent Plus program is an experimental and innovative program aimed at improving the job integration prospects of unemployed individuals with university degrees or vocational training in medium or higher level cycles. This is achieved through integrated training and employment initiatives, particularly linked to shifts in the production model, and by introducing new ideas, products, services, or creativity within the sector’s area of activity. In the case of Optiva Media, this pertains to audiovisual and communication services.

The scholarship is intended for the project: “Development of artificial intelligence-based prediction algorithms for managing energy flexibility and empowering the end user.

This project focuses on the development of AI-based algorithms to predict the future behavior of the smart grid. Specifically, predictions will be made regarding energy generation, demand, power flexibility, and prices. An in-depth study of predictive algorithms applied to the energy domain and smart grids will be conducted.

A smart grid efficiently integrates the behavior and actions of all connected users, ensuring a sustainable and efficient energy system with minimal losses and high levels of quality and supply security.

The behavior and outcomes of these algorithms will be associated with an end-user application. The objective is to empower the user and involve them in grid management, even without technical knowledge. To achieve this, techniques for reducing dimensionality and enhancing explainability of AI will be studied and applied. Furthermore, users will be engaged to meet sustainability and responsible energy use goals. To encourage participation, gamification systems will be designed and implemented, incorporating various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that appeal to the end user.


  • Research, design, and develop AI-based prediction algorithms for energy flexibility management.

  • Research, design, and develop algorithms for applications that facilitate end-user participation in demand flexibility services within coupled hybrid energy networks.

  • Simplify prediction models and system flexibility through dimensionality reduction techniques and human-centered design.

  • Design and develop simple action/response models for evaluating the impact of individual decisions on the overall functioning of the coupled hybrid network.

  • Design and develop gamification mechanisms based on KPIs to personally involve end users in system optimization and social responsibility goals related to energy transition.


Most shocking LGBTQ+ characters in the history of TV

Characters appear on our screens and erode long-held prejudices and misconceptions. It’s happened with LGBTQ+ representation on TV, which has gone from non-existent to nearly ubiquitous in a matter of decades.  

As we are celebrating Pride Day, we want to honor 5 of the most iconic characters in television history:  

  • Beverly LaSalle, All in the Family (1971-1979)

Starting in 1975, comedian Lori Shannon appeared as Edith Bunker’s impersonator friend Beverly LaSalle on three episodes of CBS’s All in the Family. This was a milestone: a drag queen presented in a positive and affirming light on one of America’s top-rated television shows.   

  • Willow Rosenberg, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (1997-2001)

She was a real scene-stealer, using her brains, wit and magic to get the Scooby Gang out of numerous tight spots. Initially identified as straight, Willow was attracted to fellow spell caster Tara (Amber Benson), and many ’90s teens identified with her struggles with her sexuality. 

  • Will Truman, Will and Grace (1998-2006)

Will’s deep, if platonic, love for Grace (Debra Messing) resonated among many viewers, and the show’s unapologetic portrayal of a smart, successful gay man looking for love educated many more. 

  • Will Horton, Days of our Lives (2010-present)

Will was not the first gay man on daytime television, but he is a legacy character on one of America’s longest-running soap operas. 

  • Blanca Evangelista, Pose (2018-2021)

Chosen families are a big part of the LGBTQ experience, and Blanca from Pose gave viewers a strong maternal presence in this Ryan Murphy-produced drama that explored the ballroom culture and queer life of New York City in the 1980s and 1990s. 

6 TV shows that represent the LGBTQ+ community

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