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Nov 18, 2022

Television is one of the most important means of communication that has ever existed. Thanks to its free and easy access, millions of people around the world can have access to news, entertainment and culture.

International Television Day

Television has been celebrated every November 21 since 1996 since the General Assembly proclaimed it in 1996, along the commemoration of the celebration of the UN’s First World Forum via TV. This way the UN intends to have television be recognized as having great impact on the present world stage. Therefore, it is considered a tool for orientation, channeling and mobilization of public opinion that promotes exchanges of programs focused on peace, security, economic and social development and culture, among other issues.

The importance of television

The importance of television can be seen in many different aspects, although today it is perhaps one of the most criticized media:

  1. In the first place, television can be accessible to many more people than other media, in both economic and cultural terms – to access a newspaper it is necessary to know how to read and write.
  2. In addition, television uses much more informal, accessible and visually attractive and dynamic languages, so its reach is much greater than that of other media such as radio or newspapers, which are certainly limited to a single type of medium.
  3. Finally, television was one of the first media that allowed viewers to enjoy programs and shows from other parts of the world, facilitating the knowledge between cultures and the increasingly varied availability of options: movies, series, news, sports, children’s, cultural, gastronomic programs, etc.

Optiva Media’s impact in this evolution

We want to be part of this revolution. We want to be present in the development of new tecnologies that will ultimately change the way people interact with content for the better.

Optiva Media is devoted to helping TV companies around the world make the most of their services, and that it why our role is crucial in the making of the future of TV. Our wide expertise and knowhow in the TV sector give us the confidence on what we do, the quality of what we offer and the successful outcome of every project.

Optiva has its focus on TV and all the good it can bring to today’s society. Happy World Television Day!


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